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English and Digital Literacies: ICTs in English Language Teaching

This introductory course deals with the use of digital media and the different ways they can be incorporated in the EFL classroom. The course consists of three parts. In the first part of the course (weeks 1-2) students are introduced to computer assisted language learning and to the development of digital literacies in the teaching of English. The second part of the course (weeks 3-10) explores the role of multimedia applications (such as digital stories and podcasts) and web 2.0 applications (such as blogs and wikis) in ELT. It also presents the interactive EFL textbooks that have been produced for the Greek state schools in the context of the Digital School Project. Students have the opportunity to review the different types of materials that have been produced for the digital enrichment of the Greek EFL textbooks. Finally, in the last part of the course (weeks 11-13) students present their projects in class.   

One of the aims of this course is to familiarize students with a number of digital tools that will enhance their digital literacy skills and will be useful to them in their future career as language professionals. There will be a focus on a specific tool every week.

Students are assessed through project work and/or a final exam. Specialized computer knowledge is not required for this course.